[OT] overheating Thinkpad X60s with 7.0-RC1

Johannes Dieterich dieterich.joh at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 9 11:29:13 PST 2008


half offtopic: concerning the BIOS update:

On 1/8/08, Nathan Lay <nslay at comcast.net> wrote:
> If you can, use DR-DOS (Caldera's DOS).  Not to rag on FreeDOS or
> anything, but I've had bad experiences with FreeDOS and BIOS updates.
> http://www.drdosprojects.de/
> Best Regards,
> Nathan Lay

thanks for the link but after checking the release notes a little bit on the
lenovo page for the BIOS update two things are remarkable:

1) They nowadays have a bootable CD version (most likely most people here
knew already) which enables you in theory to update without a Windows. BUT

2) That is just working with an IBM CD-drive sitting in the Thinkpads
Ultrabay, explicitly NOT (at least that is what it says) with an IBM docking
station. Can someone here explain me the sense of having such a thing for
the X-series then? On top

2*) You are not allowed to have any USB drives connected to your Thinkpad
whilst updating.

Wonderful, or?



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