amd64 FreeBSD 7.0 RC1 live cd gmirror options

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Wed Jan 9 04:54:07 PST 2008

Hello all

I always use the live cd to create my gmirrors with the following


Start live cd -->> fixit cdrom Livecd  



 chroot /dist

mount -t devfs devfs /dev

gmirror load


gmirror label -v -b round-robin gm0 /dev/ad0


But on the amd64 live cd I get the following error 

gmirror  unknown command : label

Usage :gmirror help

                gmirror list

                gmirror status

                gmirror load

                gmirror unload


it looks like I miss a lot of gmirror options.


Am I doing something wrong ?



Johan Hendriks 

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