Interspersed logging output and workarounds

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Mon Jan 7 13:22:25 PST 2008


I'm running 7-PRERELEASE on amd64, and have the problem of interspersed
logging output, eg:

   Jan  8 09:40:55 osiris kernel: <<11101>0>iippfw:f w: 3830080 0D eDneyny  UUDDPP  11929.21.681.61.81.0:15.35130 2:254.305.03. 25212:543.530 .0o.u2t5 1:vi5a 3x5l3 0i

A search on the list archives suggests that setting PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE=128
could possibly solve the problem, but my very simple kernel config
file of:

    include GENERIC
    ident   OSIRIS
    options PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE=128

doesn't appear to solve the problem. Any other suggestions welcome (or
has a fix been implemented, and I just need to wait for it to be

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