overheating Thinkpad X60s with 7.0-RC1

Johannes Dieterich dieterich.joh at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 6 06:22:53 PST 2008

Hello everybody!

Since the update from 6.2-STABLE to 7.0 I'm encountering problems with the
temperature of my Thinkpad X60s. Under heavy load, e.g., make builworld or
compile gcc or... I get the following output in /var/log/messages:

Dec 29 01:53:13 delta1 root: WARNING: system temperature too high, shutting
down soon!
Dec 29 01:53:13 delta1 syslogd: /dev/:0: No such file or directory
Dec 29 01:53:23 delta1 kernel: acpi_tz0: WARNING - current temperature (
128.0C) exceeds safe limits
Dec 29 01:53:24 delta1 syslogd: exiting on signal 15

So far so bad. Interestingly I can put money on it overheating when running
KDE "on the side". Shutting KDE down and doing, e. g., make builworld in
tty0 helps and the "job" gets finished. Still the CPU gets some above 90
degrees hot.
To my best knowledge I haven't found any case filed in FreeBSD's
mailing lists. But I have found an issue reporting problems on
linux LKML. Exactly the same behaviour ( http://lkml.org/lkml/2007/4/2/11 ),
don't know whether this helps anyone. Also in "normal" work I think above 60
degrees as hw.acpi.thermal reports is too high...

I should perhaps mention that the fan does work. ACPI also puts its rpm's up
a little bit. But it is just too slow in general, I assume.

Booting without acpi does not solve the problem since it just does not boot.
I have also little interest in working without acpi. dmesg shows the
following for acpi, this is the only time it mentions a failure.

Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi0: <LENOVO TP-7B> on motherboard
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi0: [ITHREAD]
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi_ec0: <Embedded Controller: GPE 0x1c,
ECDT> port 0x62,0x66 on acpi0
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi0: reservation of 0, a0000 (3) failed
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi0: reservation of 100000, 5ff00000 (3)
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: Timecounter "ACPI-fast" frequency 3579545 Hz
quality 1000
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi_timer0: <24-bit timer at 3.579545MHz>
port 0x1008-0x100b on acpi0
Dec 29 00:24:26 delta1 kernel: acpi_hpet0: <High Precision Event Timer>
iomem 0xfed00000-0xfed003ff on acpi0

The notebook is changed a little (Intel WLAN chip changed
to Atheros, 80 GB Fujitsu HDD chaged to 160 GB WD), both changes have
put the temperature up a little bit, at least the ath-chip definitely.

Attached you find the ASL. I hope I have provided enough informations,
if something is missing please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Johannes Dieterich

PS it does not depend on whether the notebook is in the docking station or
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