Nagios + 6.3-RELEASE == Hung Process

Mike Tancsa mike at
Thu Jan 3 10:48:13 PST 2008

At 10:55 AM 1/3/2008, Vivek Khera wrote:
As noted in my original report, this isn't a nagios issue per se ...
>>my first
>>experience with this issue was with Azureus/java ... so its a
>>'threading issue
>>in general' ...
>For years now I've been running with libthr as the default threading
>library as set in libmap.conf.  The *only* issue I've run into is with
>Java, and that requires libpthread.  So my libmap.conf looks like
>this, and everything works really well (including Nagios, mysql, etc.)

Same here. We were getting quite a few Nagios threads spinning their 
wheels (almost 1 per day) with
6.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE #0: Sun Dec  2
running Nagios 2.5.  Changing to libthr fixed the problem and we have 
yet to see a stuck thread since making the change.


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