Nagios + 6.3-RELEASE == Hung Process

Tom Judge tom at
Wed Jan 2 07:40:03 PST 2008

Michael Butler wrote:
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> Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>> G'day ...
>>   Yesterday, I setup nagios to do some system monitoring ... installed the
>> latest version from ports into a jail, so that I could easily move it around
>> between machines as I upgrade, without losing data ... after about 30 minutes
>> running, I get a second nagios process running (fork?) that takes up ch CPU
>> time as is available, and just hangs there until I kill -9 it ...
> [ .. ]
>> After searching the 'Net a bit, came across this thread:
>> <>
>> That recommends modifying libmap.conf with:
>> [/usr/local/bin/nagios]
> Thanks for pointing this out. I've had similar problems with nagios but
> hadn't found a solution until I saw your pointer. Sadly, my expertise
> with both thread libraries is sufficiently lacking that I have no clue
> where to start looking for the cause :-(

I have also seen this issue, but have always put it down to the way that
we manage our nagios deployments with cfengine.  I will try to deploy
this change and monitor for the problem to see if it persists.

On a side note if you want to use broker modules with nagios from port
you need to change the following in the port Makefile in order to make
them load properly:

USE_AUTOTOOLS=  autoconf:259
SE_AUTOTOOLS=  autoconf:259 libltdl:15

I sent an email to the maintainer but got no response and my email did
not seem to have affected the last commit to upgrade to 2.10.


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