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Hello, and thank you for your reply...

Quoting Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at>:

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> Chris H. wrote:
>> Where is the option to create, and install to a gMIRRORED drive-set?
>> If not, why?
>> If not, it possible to install to one drive, mirror all available drives
>> with
>> the data on the installed drive?
> sysinstall does not provide any simple method of setting up a
> gmirror RAID-1 itself, but it is fairly easy to escape from the
> installer and type in a few shell commands to set such a thing up.
> There are instructions here:

Hah! That's funny. I just picked up a copy of "The Complete FreeBSD 4th 
the other day. But haven't had an opportunity to read it yet. Guess I'd
better get to it. :)

> Yes, you can convert a drive with a plain vanilla install of FreeBSD on
> it into part of a gmirror setup easily and without having to worry about
> rebuilding filesystems.

Seems so. But if you've got much data, and don't have a DVD, or tape
magazine on it. You'll need to do the operation (likely) over NFS,
and likely requiring a couple of re-boots.

As I look at this (gmirror at sysinstall time) closer, it occurs to
me that it wouldn't be very difficult to implement response script
that asked questions for a basic gmirror setup that would encompass
all drives available (seen/understood) and offered to create:


and simply asked how big the slices should be made.

Just a thought.

Thanks again for the response.


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