aac tool regressions on 7.0-RC1

Mike Andrews mandrews at bit0.com
Wed Jan 2 01:12:33 PST 2008

I'm seeing some regressions in the various management tools for Adaptec 
AAC cards on FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 amd64.

I'm trying to use both the 32-bit FreeBSD aaccli binary from the 
sysutils/aaccli port, and also the 64-bit FreeBSD arcconf from the 
sysutils/arcconf port (v5.20.17414).  The card is an Adaptec 2120S 
single-channel U320 SCSI.

I realize that is an ancient version of aaccli, but as the aac_linux 
module isn't present on amd64, I can't use the 32-bit Linux aaccli as I 
used to when this machine ran i386.

Command lines are:

   aaccli 'open aac0: container list'
   arcconf getconfig 1

On RELENG_7 dated 2007-12-01 (BETA3), both work fine.

On RELENG_7 dated 2007-12-15 (BETA4), aaccli fails with the following 
error; arcconf continues to work fine:

    Command Error: <The miniport device driver is too old to work with the current AFAAPI.DLL.>

On RELENG_7_0 dated 2007-12-22 (RC1), aaccli continues to fail as above 
AND now also arcconf hangs forever after printing its (correct) output; I 
have to hit ^C to get a prompt back.

I don't really care which one works as long as I can make a Nagios plugin 
out of it.  I could put a nasty hack into my plugin to kill the arcconf 
process after it gets all its output, but a) ew yuck, and b) this may be a 
kernel bug...

Semi-related question: I plan on replacing this SCSI RAID setup with a SAS 
RAID setup soonish -- anyone tried 3Ware's SAS card yet?  It does appear 
to be supported in the RELENG_7_0 twa driver...  and I'm pretty happy with 
their SATA cards...

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