gmirror on 7B4

Chris H. chris# at
Wed Jan 2 00:26:59 PST 2008

I seem to remember a similar question being asked in the past. But never
really saw a definitive answer to it. So let's try it again. :)
I'm looking to upgrade all our servers to 7 in the not-to-distant future.
As I look to overcome the quirks in 7 as they apply to our hardware (I'm
already testing it on one of our not-so prominent servers). We have a
mail server with an Adaptec SCSI chip with 2 ULTRA-160 ports. The primary
port runs the booted 6.2 on the only HD on that port. The other devices on
that chain are accessories, such as tape, etc... The other port has 3 HD's
on it, all of which are of equal size and model. Which go unused.
I had originally intended to create a raid mirror on the whole lot of HD's
during the install process. But I wasn't presented, nor could I find that
option during install. So, due to lack of time, pushed it off till later,
and simply installed onto the one HD. Now to my question(s)...

Where is the option to create, and install to a gMIRRORED drive-set?
If not, why?
If not, it possible to install to one drive, mirror all available drives with
the data on the installed drive?

Please note,
1) I have examined the gmirror (and related mirror) info I could find. But
given that much of this is a rapidly evolving area in FBSD (in 7 especially)
I thought it was worth asking here.
2) In my cases above, I'm interested in RAID-0 (mirroring for /volume/
not redundancy).

Thank you very much for all your time and consideration.


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