7B4: kernel messages garbled

Chris H. chris# at 1command.com
Tue Jan 1 22:09:12 PST 2008

Hello, and happy New Year to all!

I'm hoping to update all our servers to 7 in the near future.
As such, I'm experimenting with it on one of our less prominent
production servers.
My procedure for it's installation and usage:

download 7-CURRENT disk1 iso (B4) from nearest freebsd mirror
install choice - minimum + src
make config options, reboot
download cvsup-no-gui pkg
cvsup ports + src
(above procedures performed 2007-12-30)
(above procedures again performed on 2007-12-31)
In every case, I wiped the hard drive, performing a fresh install.

After initial install. Sending a halt, in order to reboot the system
results in garbled messages to the console. Specifically, the
Syncing disks... message is unintelligible. As does is line
preceding it.

Also. After syncing the source, I altered/renamed GENERIC and
performed build/world/kernel, and install/kernel/world.
During the buildworld process I recieved more warnings than I
can recall seeing in previous versions <= 6.
ee (aee) resulted in "Illegal instruction... core dumped" after
the build/install process.

FWIW this is on an i386 2 proc MB.
Given the many changes in 7, I spent more time reading the doc's
and errata than I have spent in previous versions.

Thank you for all your time and attention to this matter.

panic: kernel trap (ignored)

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