Recent breakage due to the DTrace merge

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri Aug 29 18:07:56 UTC 2008

John Birrell wrote:

> I know that there are issues with upgrading from 6.X (where .X isn't the
> most recent on RELENG6). I'll need help from someone with an old 6.2
> box (say) to test out the builds. I have no hardware to run an old version
> of 6 on.

This is most likely not exactly what you are after, but:

Earlier in the week I put a message to -stable asking how to upgrade a 
minimal install of a system that runs entirely from USB key. This key 
was running 6.2.

Using a host build machine running 7.0, setting DESTDIR accordingly, and 
configuring numerous NO_* in /etc/make.conf, I was not only able to 
achieve my minimal install using buildworld etc process, I was able to 
upgrade it to stable sources from this morning successfully.

I'm now off to upgrade a box that is actually _running_ 6.2, and I'll 
report back with any details.


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