recent regression with REL7 and Zfs

Henri Hennebert hlh at
Thu Aug 28 18:22:49 UTC 2008

Thierry Herbelot wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using a recent 7.0-Stable (x86) and a Zfs pool for my data.
> After the dtrace import, I have updated my sources (and make buildworld, make 
> buildkernel) and I no longer have access to my Zfs pool (just to be sure, I 
> have since updated twice more to work around the announced issues).

Probably same problem here:

With new kernel (7.1-PRERELEASE) and a root file system under zfs, the 
root can't be mounted and system stop with

message saying can't mount zfs:pool0

Manual root filesystem specification:
   <fstype>:<device>  Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype>
                        eg. ufs:da0s1a
   ?                  List valid disk boot devices
   <empty line>       Abort manual input


I revert to previous kernel and all is OK now.

> With the new kernel, the Zpool is listed as "failed" (bad checksum ?).
> Reverting to the old kernel is sufficient to recover the Zfs pool (which was 
> scrubed last week), and it is declared healthy.
> 	cheers and thanks for the good work
> 	TfH
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