WARNING: 7-STABLE BROKEN -- please wait to upgrade / Should be OK now

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 28 02:27:08 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 01:29:43 pm Robert Watson wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Robert Watson wrote:
> > It looks like there have been several mismerges in the DTrace MFC.  We're
> > currently assessing the damage to decide if it should be entirely backed
> > out, or if we can just do some selective patching up.  In the mean time,
> > please don't try to update -- wait for an all clear.
> Just an update: John Baldwin has identified the set of problematic parts to
> the change, and will shortly be backing them out.  Please continue to wait
> on updating to the latest 7-STABLE until an explicit all clear message is
> sent.

I believe things should be fine on 7-stable now.

John Baldwin

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