ICH9 Controller on Asus P5K-E showing up as "Intel AHCI controller"

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 14:53:14 UTC 2008

> As Jeremy said it is ok. In pciconf output you can see
> "class=0x010601". Your ICH9 controller has PCI subclass 0x06 (SATA)
> and PCI programming interface 0x01 (AHCI).

Thank you both! I figured it was operating normally (I've noticed no
performance problems or oddities from the controller or devices
attached to it). I guess in trying to find out what was going on, I
saw this comment:

    /* is this PCI device flagged as an AHCI compliant chip ? */
    if (pci_read_config(dev, PCIR_PROGIF, 1) != PCIP_STORAGE_SATA_AHCI_1_0)

Which if I read the comment literally makes me believe if that does
not return non-zero/NULL, that my controller is not AHCI compliant.

But if it's falling back on a perfectly working generic AHCI
implementation, what it reports at boot time is moot. :)

Thanks again guys!

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