ICH9 Controller on Asus P5K-E showing up as "Intel AHCI controller"

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 17:52:36 UTC 2008

> Because your motherboard allows for the enabling of AHCI on the ICH9.
> This is often a BIOS feature you can turn on/off.

I double checked and it is indeed set properly to "AHCI mode" (instead
of "enhanced" or "legacy"). I also upgrade the BIOS and it still shows
up the same way.

> I don't believe it's a bug.  FreeBSD has a form of "generic AHCI"
> support, where for systems which indicate AHCI is available but has no
> direct AHCI chipset driver, will fall back to using a generic AHCI
> implementation that should work with most all AHCI implementations.
> I would say what you're seeing is good.  AHCI == good.

Right, and it is operating nominally (as far as I can tell). When I
enabled the JMicron controller, interestingly enough it showed up as
"JMicron AHCI controller" when set to AHCI mode in the BIOS. There
doesn't seem to be any ill effect running with a generic AHCI vs.
Intel-specific AHCI driver.

Perhaps it's supposed to show up this way, I'm not sure. As I said,
this is purely cosmetic and just piqued my interest/curiosity as to
why it'd show in a "generic" fashion.


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