umtxn and Apache 2.2

Mon Aug 18 07:55:40 UTC 2008

On Aug 13, 2008, at 5:24 PM, Tom Evans wrote:

> On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 16:56 +0200, Borja Marcos wrote:
>> Personally, I find PHP far too troublesome to run threaded. These  
>> days,
> I use an event MPM based front-end apache 2.2, which reverse proxies  
> to
> either a prefork MPM apache 2.2 with mod_<insert scripting lang>, or
> directly connect to a fastcgi instance. Serve all your static content
> from the front-end, and it's all quite fast - plus you can scale out
> much much more simply.

That's what I've done finally, using threaded Apache with mod_fcgid.  
I've seen that PHP is not ready to be used as a module in a  
multithreaded Apache. Now it's working great, and, indeed, the  
multithread Apache instances can serve all the static content (images,  
etc) blazingly fast.

Thank you very much,


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