Stable SATA pci card for FreeBSD 6.x/7.0

Sebastiaan van Erk sebster at
Tue Aug 5 10:55:23 UTC 2008


I'm running FreeBSD 6.3 (I know, I should upgrade), and I just bought an 
add-on pci SATA controller for 2 extra SATA disks.

However, a lot of disk activity on the drives will often cause the 
machine to crash and spontaneously reboot. I checked out which chipset 
was on the card with pciconf -lv and I found it was the Sil 3512. 
Googling showed me that I'm not the only one with problems using this card.

Does anybody have experience with a (preferably not too expensive) 
2-port SATA expansion card which does not have any issues running under 
FreeBSD 6.3/7.0?

[pciconf -lv output]
atapci0 at pci0:10:0:      class=0x018000 card=0x35121095 chip=0x35121095 
     vendor     = 'Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)'
     device     = 'Sil 3512 SATALink/SATARaid Controller'
     class      = mass storage

[/var/log/messages before the crash]
Aug  5 11:16:14 piglet kernel: 
length=16384)]error = 6
Aug  5 11:16:17 piglet last message repeated 9 times

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