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                             DarkStone MuOnline
   DarkStone MU Online is a MMORPG that takes the player, into a fantasy
   world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With several ways to
   train a character, multiple character classes, and a vast continent to
    explore, GMO is a sure way to a unique adventure. Join thousands of
      players from all over the world and help defend the Continent of
       Legend, clearing it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces
    forever. . With new content and features being introduced regularly,
   this game is perfect for those looking for an exciting MMO experience.


      You start off as a Dark Wizard, a Dark Knight, Dark Lord, Magic
     GLadiator, a Summoner or a Fairy Elf, with accordant strengths and
   weaknesses. You can save different base characters, a fun feature that
   allows you to begin play as a wizard, and later, restart and switch to
    a knight--but not both at the same time. The look of your character
   changes to reflect any new accoutrements you get, including wings and
   spells. There's also a coordinate system on display, so it's easier to
     move around the elaborate MU world. Items can be combined in many
   different ways, but more game experience gets you better gear. You can
       even fight other players, but be warned: if you kill too many
                  innocents, you'll be branded a murderer.
                              Server Stats: ON
                            * Experience: 1000x
                                * Drops: 80%
                       * Reset Level: 399 keep stats
    * Shops: +7 items. (you have to find some shops for the good items.)
                               * Bless Bug On
       * Register: http://www.darkstonemu.net/DarkStone-Register.html
      * Download: http://www.darkstonemu.net/DarkStone-Downloads.html
                          Official Game Installer:
       In order to play free just enter your [1]Site and download the
        We encourage you to visit the DarkStone MU Online forums at

      *Please do not respond to this e-mail as your reply will not be


   1. http://www.darkstonemu.net/DarkStone-Register.html
   2. http://www.darkstonemu.net/DarkStone-Downloads.html
   3. http://www.craiova-online.ro/rds-mu-server-212/

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