Portmaster questions (Was: Re: Using Portupgrade?)

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Aug 4 05:14:57 UTC 2008

It's really not appropriate to hijack the portupgrade thread for this, 
so I'm starting a new subject. Also, please respect followups to -ports.

Alex Goncharov wrote:
> Don't remember everything of that sort but here are a couple of things
> I would like to ask portmaster users' opinion and advice about:
> 1. I see a significant difference in the time it takes to get the same
>    information using the two tools:

As I understand it, portupgrade uses the INDEX file to determine 
whether ports are up to date. Portmaster recurses through each 
installed port and does 'make -V PKGVERSION'.

> 2. It looks like there are no `portmaster' equivalents to
>    `portupgrade' `-P' and `-PP' options, which I want to have.

If portupgrade does the job for you, keep using it. :)  I have said 
many times that I'm not looking to write a portupgrade replacement. 
Use the right tool for the job(s) you have to do.

Good luck,



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