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Alex Goncharov alex-goncharov at
Mon Aug 4 03:24:44 UTC 2008

,--- You/Jeremy (Sun, 3 Aug 2008 19:26:18 -0700) ----*
| I'd start by ceasing use of portupgrade.  Try Doug Barton's portmaster,
| which is in ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster.  It's an extensive shell
| script, and does not require ruby. 

Over the last couple of months, I've made a few shy attempts to switch
from `portupgrade' to 'portmaster', but every time I try it, I find
something that keeps me using the former.

Don't remember everything of that sort but here are a couple of things
I would like to ask portmaster users' opinion and advice about:

1. I see a significant difference in the time it takes to get the same
   information using the two tools:

# time portversion -v | wc -l

real    0m3.772s
user    0m2.462s
sys     0m1.114s

# time portmaster -L | wc -l

real    0m50.042s
user    0m29.762s
sys     0m15.470s


   I run `portversion' a lot, and this kind of performance difference
   is one argument for sticking with `portupgrade'.

2. It looks like there are no `portmaster' equivalents to
   `portupgrade' `-P' and `-PP' options, which I want to have.

Is this something that can be resolved by a smarter use of
`portmaster' and/or its documentation?

-- Alex -- alex-goncharov at --

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