7-STABLE, mpd-4.4.1_1 and others...

Vladimir Melnik v.melnik at uptime.ua
Sun Aug 3 19:08:37 UTC 2008


We encountered some strange problem with 7.0-RELEASE and 7.0-STABLE.

We have an amd64 server which works as core-router on our small network. There are almost one hundred ipfw-pipes for limiting bandwidth, mpd-4.4.1_1 for termination pptp-sessions, ng_ipacct-20061223 for traffic counting and quagga-0.99.9_7 for bgp- and ospf-routing.

SOmetimes mpd goes a little crazy: it stops working, but process doesn't stop. Process stays in memory as "uninterruptable" process:
 5891 Ds   ngsock mpd4

When we trying to send a SIGKILL to this process, nothing changes, of course.

But the most strange thing is there: when we trying to reboot the system, system just hangs. There are no messages in logs, no messages on console, it just hangs and doesn't react upon any actions.

There was no such problem on 6.2-RELEASE, so we are dissapointed a little. :)

Thank you very much in adcance for your help and sorry for my bad English.


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