Also seeing 2 x quad-core system slower that 2 x dual core

Jim Pingle lists at
Fri Nov 30 07:00:02 PST 2007

Pete French wrote:
>> Have you checked that your dir hash isn't suffering due to lack of memory
>> this can have a marked impact on seemingly trivial things like this as
>> could silly things like the RAID card being installed in a different slot.
> RAID card is onboard on these things - how would I check the dir hash ? The
> slower server has 16 gig of RAM, the faster one has 4 gig. Both were
> installed the same way in the same order, so should have the same disc layout
> more or less.

This may be a silly question, but have you tried reducing the RAM on the
quad core machine to 4GB so the machines match in that respect as well?

I seem to recall a thread a while back about someone who had slowdowns in a
certain situation with large amounts of RAM (>4GB).


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