FreeBSD 7b3 - ZFS crashes

Stefan Huerter maulwurf at
Thu Nov 29 20:37:44 PST 2007


Just testing the new FB 7beta3 - installed from the ISO-images.
System is running on an SCSI 9GB disk, the machine has 750MHz with 512MB 
Ram and the zfs is using 8 ATA Disks, 4x120GB and 4x160GB connected to 
Promise Fasttrak TX2 (with no configs).
Creating the ZFS using "zpool create tank raidz adX" was fascinating, 
after a few seconds I have 920GB disk space - WoW.
kmem_min is 256MB.

Next step was creating /tank/CTM and /tank/CVS, then running 
pwd:/tank/CVS/ctm -vvv /tank/CTM/* and while extracting it suddenly hangs.

Nice: I can login in new sessions.
Bad: Systems hangs, sync runs in nirwana and trying to reboot produces 
"Deadly processes found, won't die" and hangs up the reboot.

just for information ;)


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