Also seeing 2 x quad-core system slower that 2 x dual core

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Nov 29 10:58:29 PST 2007

Pete French wrote:
> I think I also just came up against the same effect that the original poster
> saw. I have two sets of machines here - one is a pair of dual core Xeons,
> the other a pair of quad core Xeons. They are HP servers, more or less
> identical apart from the processors I belive.
> Both have 7.0-BETA3 installed, and the same config on them with the
> same files.  I am trying to delete a gigabyte of files using 'rm -rf'
> On the dual core processors this takes about 20 seconds. On the quad
> cores it takes about 3 minutes! This is true for both the 32 and 64 bit
> versions of FreeBSD :-(

That almost certainly has nothing to do with how many CPUs your system 
has, since rm -rf is a single process running on a single core.


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