Also seeing 2 x quad-core system slower that 2 x dual core

Max Laier max at
Thu Nov 29 10:32:23 PST 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007, Pete French wrote:
> I think I also just came up against the same effect that the original
> poster saw. I have two sets of machines here - one is a pair of dual
> core Xeons, the other a pair of quad core Xeons. They are HP servers,
> more or less identical apart from the processors I belive.
> Both have 7.0-BETA3 installed, and the same config on them with the
> same files.  I am trying to delete a gigabyte of files using 'rm -rf'
> On the dual core processors this takes about 20 seconds. On the quad
> cores it takes about 3 minutes! This is true for both the 32 and 64 bit
> versions of FreeBSD :-(

Can you provide more details on this task?  It seems like something that 
could easily be reproduced in a lab environment and serve as a regression 
test and baseline for future improvements.  Is the server doing any other 
work while doing the rm, or is this it?  What kind of directory layout 
are we looking at?  How many files, directories, users ...?  What type of 
filesystem, options, size?

BTW, what's your nsswitch.conf like?  If you don't need nis, removing it 
can mean a considerable speed improvement - or try nscd(8).

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