Is it O.K. to use the 7.0 ports tree on 6.3 ?

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Nov 23 20:23:48 PST 2007

Pete French wrote:
> I have a set of machines running 7.0 and a set running 6.3 which I
> would like to use the same ports on. I was under the impression that
> there was only one ports tree, so is it safe to simply untar the
> ports.tgz file from 7.0 on the 6.3 machines, rename INDEX-7 to INDEX-6
> and install away, or are there more subtle differences to tran the unwary ?

You've already received the right advice about not renaming the INDEX,
but I think it's also worth mentioning that untar'ing a static picture
of the ports tree is of little practical value unless you never plan
to update the base, and you never plan to update any ports on that

You're much better off starting with downloading the tree with csup,
that way you can maintain it more easily down the road.



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