2 x quad-core system is slower that 2 x dual core on FreeBSD

Alexey Popov lol at chistydom.ru
Wed Nov 21 23:39:03 PST 2007


Max Laier wrote:
> I rolled a tiny, simple, possibly braindamaged benchmark (but then again 
> php code tends to be braindamaged): test.php includes 1000 different, 
> essential empty files and is strated over and over from a shell script 
> which counts the runs completed within 60seconds.  1-8,128 scripts are 
> started in parallel.
> On a 2x dual Opteron running amd64 I get:
This problem is almost invisible for me on 4-core servers. Could you try 
your benchmark on server with 8 or more cores???

With best regards,
Alexey Popov

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