garbled gjournal messages in dmesg with 7.0-BETA3

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Mon Nov 19 07:00:06 PST 2007

Toomas Aas wrote:

> kernel: GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal 3372893522: aacd1s3G EcOoMn_tJaOiUnRsN 
> AdLa:t aB.IO

> kernel: _GFELOUMS_HJ OnUoRtN AsLu:p pJoorutrenda lb y 3a3a7c2d819s325.22

Looking more closely at this 'garbage' I just noticed that this is actually 
two messages 'mixed' together.

If you read skipping one letter,
the first line has:
aacd1s3 contains data.

and the second line has:
_FLUSH not supported by aacd1s2.
GEOM_JOURNAL: Journal  3372893522

Interesting children's cryptography :)

Toomas Aas

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