kmem_map too small

Andrew Kolchoogin andrew at
Fri Nov 16 00:05:24 PST 2007

Dear colleagues,

    do you have any suggestions about how I should trace what condition
generates kernel panic with reason "kmem_map too small"?

    Operating system is FreeBSD 6.2-p8, no unusual software runs on this
machine -- it runs Asterisk with dummy Zapata driver, FreeRADIUS v1.1.7,
MySQL v5.0 with single database for FreeRADIUS, Apache v1.3 for DialUp
Admin. Sure, sshd, ntpd, syslogd. :)

    When this machine has run FreeBSD 5.4, no such problems were exist
-- uptime was about 250 days.

    С уважением,
        Андрей Кольчугин.

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