freebsd-update 6.2-R -> 6.3-B1 rollback failed

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Thu Nov 15 02:30:44 PST 2007

Colin Percival wrote:
> Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
>> I tried to rollback the freebsd-update 6.2-R -> 6.3-B1.
> To confirm that I understand what you're saying here:  You upgraded
> from FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE to 6.3-BETA1, then you ran "freebsd-update
> rollback" to move back to FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, right?

'sh -f freebsd-update.conf rollback' was the command, 
but that is correct.

> Nope, not your fault -- I screwed up the rollback code.

I did not think I was the first to do this rollback -- good that I 
tested it.

>> Now, how do I get this machine running again?
> I believe that your system is now 6.3-BETA1 with a few shared libraries
> from 6.2-RELEASE mixed in.  If you can get a copy of /lib/*.so.* and
> /usr/lib/*.so.* from a 6.3-BETA1 system and install those into place
> (in fact, probably all you need is /lib/ your system should
> be ok.  Let me know if you need any help with this.

I guess I can download a 6.3-BETA1 cd and copy the files over from 
there. If you have a better way, please, let me know.

> Getting the system back to 6.2-RELEASE might be more difficult, now that
> the FreeBSD Update code thinks that it has rolled back its updates, but
> I might be able to find a way to do that for you -- is it a disaster if
> this system ends up stuck at 6.3-BETA1?

Not to be able to go back to 6.2-RELEASE is ok. If updating to 6.3-BETA2 
(and eventually perhaps 7.0) is not possible because of the mixed 
system, it will limit my testing and I will have to reinstall at some 
point, which would not be a disaster, either. (Sometimes I do testing 
that feels rather save on my main working machine -- I am glad I was not 
so insane this time.)

Is there any cleanup to do besides replacing the libs (such as removing 
temporary freebsd-update directories)?

Since your blog seems not to tell and there is no other documentation: 
Is freebsd-update -r supposed to work if not all files are from 
GENERIC/SMP? Does it skip files or overwrite them with GENERIC versions? 
(For security updates, the former might be desirable, but for updates 
between releases, only the latter would make sense to me.)

Jan Henrik

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