RT256x PCMCIA card under 7.0-BETA2

Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wundram at beenic.net
Wed Nov 14 11:59:41 PST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2007 20:48:00 schrieb Sam Leffler:
> I don't think I can help w/ the interrupt storm but you didn't provide
> any logs for wpa_supplicant or wlandebug so it's hard to help w/ that
> issue.

Sorry for not providing any logs, but I just got the card yesterday, and 
haven't had an access point in reach during the day (at work) so far. I'll 
try to get better logging (esp. with net.wlan.debug=-1 and 
net.wlan.0.debug=-1) this evening, which I'll gladly post the revelant parts 

I just thought that maybe this was a "known" issue with this "newer" chipset I 
seem to have found with this card "Version 2.0."

Heiko Wundram
Product & Application Development

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