FreeBSD 6.3 or FreeBSD 7.0

Chris H. chris# at
Wed Nov 14 10:40:41 PST 2007

Quoting Dylan Smith <dylan at>:

> Marko Lerota wrote:
>> I see that 6.3 and 7.0 is comming. Now I'm using 6.2-RELEASE for my 
>> servers. To what should I upgrade? Which of them will be stable or 
>> production release?
> Both of them will be production stable at release, i'd say that 
> unless you have reason, such as non-supported hardware in 7, to stay 
> with the 6-branch upgrade to 7-RELEASE. 6.3 will afaik be the last 
> revision to the 6 branch aside from bug/security fixes.
> Dylan

The above might be better stated as -
Unless you have an immediate need for something offered in <brand new 
full point release version here>
You would do well to continue using your current release adoption 
strategy, and
wait for the dust to settle in the brand new release before adopting it 
as your
current version.

(my 0.2 cents)


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