7.0 beta2 vs. SATA DVD drive

Uwe Laverenz uwe at laverenz.de
Mon Nov 12 20:38:33 PST 2007


I was trying to install 7.0 beta 2 on a system that has a SATA attached
DVD drive. The system starts to the point where it waits for the SCSI
devices to initialize. After that it starts reading from the install media
and constantly gets read timeouts == no installation possible.

Does anybody else see this problem?

  Tyan K8W (S2825), 2xOpteron 250, 2GB RAM
  3ware 9500S-4LP with 2 WD disks
  LSI-1030 (mpt) with tape drive
  onboard SATA Controller: SiI 3114
  only optical drive is a SATA DVD-Burner

The problem occurs with 7.0b2 i386 and amd64. 6.2 RELEASE installs
without problems, so I guess it is a bug?!


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