7.0-BETA2 Panic after ifconfig

Alexandre Biancalana biancalana at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 10:44:35 PST 2007

Yesterday I updated my system from BETA-1 to BETA2 and after that I'm
getting the following panic after a simple ifconfig.

Follow the panic and trace....

# ifconfig bge0 netmask
panic: Bad list head 0xc444a0c4 first->prev != head
KDB; enter: panic
[thread pid 1142 tid 100108 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter=0x32:leave
Tracing pid 1142 tid 100108 td 0xc5c3f840
kdb_enter(c07499fd,c07c5760,c0730fca,e6fbeaec,6fbeaec,...) at kdb_enter+0x32
panic(c0730fca,c444a0c4,c074e9942,e6fbeb14,c057abc9,...) at panic+0xc5
in_ifinit(0,c567d3000,0,0,c0755e1a,...) at in_ifinit+0x15c
in_control(c5cfe18c, 8040691a,c5c84e40,c448e800,c5c3f840,...) at
ifioctl(c5cfe18c,8040691a,c5c84e40,c5c3f840,c5c3f840,...) at ifioctl+0x3ce
soo_ioctl(c47406c0,8040691a,c5c84e40,c5411800,c5c3f840,...) at soo-ioctl+0x3a4
kern_ioctl(c5c3f840,3,8040691a,c5c84e40,0,...) at kern_ioctl+0x243
ioctl(c5c3f840,e6fbecfc,c,c07722a1,c,...) at ioctl+0x134
syscall(e6fbed38) at syscall+0x2c4
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x20
---syscall (54, FreeBSD ELF32, ioctl), eip = 0x481670f3, esp = 0x bfbfe51c, ebp
= 0xvfvfe548

I'm with the machine stopped at db prompt, I can send any other
information needed to solve this...


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