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Fri Nov 9 10:40:56 PST 2007

On Friday 09 November 2007, Jon Holstrom wrote:
> I had 6.2 stable all setup &
> had gnome 2.18 all humming along 100%
> java & eclipse, tomcat, bah bah bah!
> updated src & rebuilt only to
> find 6.2 is gone & 6.3 prerelease!
> ( I think there should be a button
> we need to push to get
> software we DONT want! j/k)
> with my setup as it is, can
> i back date my cvsup file &
> rebuild back to 6.2 stable not
> losing any settings or software ?

RELENG_6 (aka 6.2 stable) is the *development* branch for any FreeBSD 6.x 
releases.  As we are closing in on 6.3 this branch obviously serves as 
the base for 6.3 pre-releases.

You have a choice to either use the 6.2 security fix branch (RELENG_6_2) 
or the "stable" branch (RELENG_6) - which really is not recommended for 
production systems.  If you really want to go back (not sure why you 
would want to, though) you should be able to cvsup RELENG_6_2 and do a 
src upgrade (or downgrade in this case).  This, however, might leave you 
with some leftover files that were added to RELENG_6.

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