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On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 22:54 -0500, Ryan Hinton wrote:
> I'm having trouble with X11 on my hardware when I switch to the console and back ( Apparently there have been some recent changes to the Xorg git source that may fix my problem.  I would like to try these changes and then fall back to the -stable port at some point (immediately if bad things happen, eventually if my problem is fixed).
> In the past, building and installing an application outside of the ports system caused problems when I tried to install the (-stable) port later on.  I may be doing something wrong; please let me know or show me where I can learn.  In general, is there a good way in general to update a port to its bleeding edge (within or outside the FreeBSD ports system) and then jump back to -stable later on?
> In this case, I believe X11 is a particularly large and complicated port.  Is there a good way to update the FreeBSD X11 port to the latest git source within the ports system?  
> Thank you for your time and help!

Xorg git head is a tiny bit tricky right now as the xserver and mesa
have to be updated in lock step.  Individual drivers however seem to be
fairly safe.  I wouldn't recommend attempting the server update unless
you are fairly comfortable with being able to fix things.  If you just
want to try an updated video driver, you will need devel/xorg-macros and
autotools pkgs (you probably already have those installed).  You will
also need to install git and clone the driver(s) tree.  Then just run and make all install.  Reverting to the port should also be
pretty straight forward, just reinstall the port and overwrite the git
version.  As always, YMMV...


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