snd_t4dwave(4) broken in RELENG_7?

Sascha Klauder sascha at
Thu Nov 8 06:14:04 PST 2007

Hi all,

 can someone verify whether snd_t4dwave is working in RELENG_7?

 After upgrading my 6.2-STABLE (from March 2006) to 7.0-BETA2,
I get "pcm0:play:dsp0.p1: play interrupt timeout, channel dead"
errors a few seconds after playback started. 

 It's a HP nx9005 laptop, so I'm not sure if it could be ACPI-
related, but sound was working fine ever since I installed 5.2
on it.  Disabling ACPI makes no difference. 

 Verbose dmesg available here:
(actually still from a -CURRENT shortly before the branch)


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