and compat/opensolaris/

Mars G Miro spry at
Wed Nov 7 01:28:43 PST 2007


  I think there might be a need to add 'compat' in $dists in When the src is extracted from the ISO, compat is left
out and buildworld fails at:

mkdep -f .depend -a
===> cddl/lib/libumem (depend)
make: don't know how to make umem.c. Stop
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/src/cddl/lib.
*** Error code 1

because there's no more cddl/ [0]. Of course when csupping it can be
checked out but for those that do not csup, they may not be able to
rebuild their world. For instance, I have a 7.0-PRERELEASE box and not
able to rebuild my world using the 7.0-BETA2 src from the ISO.

Thanks ;-)


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