date/time trouble - PST came too early

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Mon Nov 5 17:58:49 PST 2007

Hello, and thank you for your reply...
Quoting Vivek Khera <vivek at>:

> On Nov 2, 2007, at 3:30 AM, Chris H. wrote:
>> FWIW The system already knows what timezone it lives in. It simply  chose
>> to change to PST according to the /normal/ standards. What happened  here
>> in the USA, is that president Bush decided that we'd be better  served here
>> if we waited an additional week to set our clocks back one hour. So. 
>>  It seems
>> this particular server decided to ignore our president (not that I  
>> blame it)
> Most of us went through this *last* year when the rules took effect.  
>  Did it not affect your system last year?
> Basically you need to get a corrected /etc/localtime and restart any  
> long running programs that depend on time, notably cron.

Ahh... I'm guessing that you missed the following post in this thread titled
"date/time trouble - PST came too early [fixed]" posted 11-02.

LI Xin offered the following solution, which solved my dilemma:

Install /usr/ports/misc/zoneinfo or upgrade your system to a recent
release (preferred), e.g. RELENG_6_2 aka FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.

Re-run tzsetup and choose your time zone accordingly.  You will need to
restart the time-sensitive services afterward, or reboot the whole
system :-)

I chose the port && Re-run tzsetup && restart route. :)
Thanks again for taking making the effort to respond.


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