FreeBSD-6.2, 7.0-BETA1 boot on Lenovo X60

Dimitry Andric dimitry at
Sun Nov 4 11:36:50 PST 2007

Andreas Rudisch wrote:
> or try the boot floopies:

There's no floppy drive in the X series ThinkPads, so you'll end up
using an USB floppy drive.  This will probably lead to the same BTX
loader problem as with USB CD-ROM drives.  The same is probably
applicable to booting from USB sticks, and I'm not even sure FreeBSD
supports booting off those.

AFAIK the only non-PXE alternative is using the UltraBase docking
station, which has an optical drive bay connected via ATAPI.  But it's
rather expensive; here in .nl, it's about EUR 175 for the dock, and EUR
130 for the CD-RW/DVD drive (not even a DVD writer!!).

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