FreeBSD-BETA2 Signal 11 During Install

Михаил Кипа msnkipa at
Sun Nov 4 10:38:20 PST 2007


Yes I have tis problem since beta1! Signal 11 appears in sysinstall when it try to 
get INDEX from ftp site. At the end of this operation appears signal 11 and core 
dumps (the same as Russell Doucette has).
So I have installed 7BETA2, without X - it allow me to avoid installation of 
binary packages after installing ports collection. Then I compile the cvsup from 
the port collection and syncronize src-all with RELENG_7 and doc-all, ports-all 
with CURRENT. After in I recompile all system (kernel and world). For kernel I 
have my own config. but the problem has lefted! When sysinstall try to read INDEX 
from ftp site appears signal 11 (as I think) and programm crushes. On the screen 
appears such error:
Bus error (core dumped)

I have amd64 FreeBSD7 beta2 (this problem was in beta1 and beta1.5)


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