date/time trouble - PST came too early

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Fri Nov 2 00:35:40 PDT 2007

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> Chris H. wrote:
>> Any advice would be *greatly* appreciated.
> Install /usr/ports/misc/zoneinfo or upgrade your system to a recent
> release (preferred), e.g. RELENG_6_2 aka FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.
> Re-run tzsetup and choose your time zone accordingly.  You will need to
> restart the time-sensitive services afterward, or reboot the whole
> system :-)
> Cheers,
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Hello Xin LI, and thank you for your quick response.

FWIW The system already knows what timezone it lives in. It simply chose
to change to PST according to the /normal/ standards. What happened here
in the USA, is that president Bush decided that we'd be better served here
if we waited an additional week to set our clocks back one hour. So. It seems
this particular server decided to ignore our president (not that I blame it)
and set the clock back one hour on the /usual/ date. :)
As an experiment, what I have done was bounce the server and set the clock
in the BIOS ahead 1 day > save settings > reboot. My /initial/ findings
seemed hopeful. But, given that I run ntpdate as a cron job, the first time
the job ran, all went back to the /wrong/ dime/date. So as I must wait
for 6.3, I'm just going to end the ntpdate cron job until PST /really/ occurs;
unless of course someone has a better solution. :)

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to respond.


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