Test changes to em

Jack Vogel jfvogel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 16:54:33 PDT 2007

This is a substantial change to the EM driver that I would
appreciate some testing and feedback on.

You just replace the two files in your STABLE tree. Its big
enough that this seemed easier than a patch.

Whats in this:

A change Mike Silbersack came up with, it makes the
watchdog period twice as long, but then in the middle
of it fires off a clean.  Thats a small change.

Secondly, I took the locking mechanism I used in ixgbe
and added it here. It uses two locks: core and tx instead
of one.

Third, added the EEPROM dumper into the driver, if you
do `sysctl dev.em.X.debug=2' it will dump 32 words
worth of the prom, this will allow an easy way to tell if
you need a patch to an 82573 for instance.

Next, I found a serious bug for Zoar (82575) users, it
had to do with how and when I decide to try and use
MSI/X, the fact that no one has squawked about this
must mean all users are running 7 :) cuz on STABLE
right now the driver load will FAIL if you enable MSI/X
on the system.  What I did was to create a new function
for setting up msi and msix, its much cleaner and fixes
this problem.

In any case, I have done some pounding on this but
wider testing would be good, let me know what you

I hope to get this all resolved and into the tree for 6.3.

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