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Are you happy with your results from Social Linux Expo 2007?  Did you have what it takes to make the difference between creating excitement and blending in with the competition, between lots of hot leads and a few hard sells ... between success and failure?  <br />
<br />
Did you have video?<br />
<br />
Why video?  Video vividly demonstrates the features and benefits of your products.  Video captures the praises of your most enthusiastic customers.  Video instills interest, reaction and trust.  Video sells.<br />
<br />
In just 45 days, PixelFish creates marketing videos that become an integral part of your marketing and sales efforts when it streams from your Web site, launches from multimedia email newsletters, plays from CD video brochures and loops from a DVD at your tradeshow booth.<br />
<br />
We are PixelFish.  We deliver “The Evolution of Video”.  And we guarantee results.  Click on the videos to the right to see samples of our work.<br />
<br />
Contact us today for a free evaluation of your video marketing needs.<br><br>

David Brewer<br>
PixelFish, Inc.<br>
800.503.3020 x102<br>
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<a href=""><font color=#000ff">RedMan Video</font></a><br>

<a href=""><font color=#000ff">Pentax Video</font></a><br>

<a href=""><font color=#000ff">JEM Video</font></a><br>


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