mpd sometimes hangs the whole system?

Armin Pirkovitsch a.pirko at
Mon Feb 19 23:14:45 UTC 2007

Alex Povolotsky wrote:
> Richard Tector wrote:
>> Alex Povolotsky wrote:
>>> Richard Tector wrote:
>>>> Alex Povolotsky wrote:
>>>>> mpd (fresh) on FreeBSD 6.1p12 sometimes hangs system, totally, to
>>>>> reset. Tried two completely different boxes, so it cannot be a
>>>>> hardware problem.
>>>> Which version of mpd are you using? Have you tried the latest
>>>> version from ports, 4.1? I've read it fixes a *lot* of problems
>>>> found with the older versions.
>>> 3.18_5; Is mpd 4 100% backwards compartible?
>> Yes, 4.x should work just fine with your 3.x configuration files.
>>> And, what's worse, I've heard of exactly the same problem on 4.0.
>>> Kernel _freeze_ should be something kernel-related, I fear.
>> Quite possible. It involves putting the interfaces in promiscuous mode
>> so could be due to a bug in your network card driver. What interfaces
>> are you using?
> Proimisc?... hmm... fxp. Rock solid thing, as far as I can remember. Can
> try em instead

I have the same problem but use a sis nic - so I doubt it's the nic
(and if going to promiscuous mode was unstable on different drivers I
guess some people would start to complain ;) )
(I have never encountered a crash when I started a sniffing program)

Armin Pirkovitsch
a.pirko at

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