"no matching session" in ng_pppoe.c (RELENG_6)

cpghost cpghost at cordula.ws
Wed Dec 5 18:16:32 PST 2007


Since I've updated a RELENG_6 router a few days ago, a long
gone problem with ppp cropped up (again?); and I'm suspecting
a regression between ng_pppoe.c and

The problem is that the last mile carrier of the PPP provider
that this router is attached to disconnects the ppp session
forcibly once every 24h. Before the update, ppp would detect
this and reconnect immediately. After the update, ppp doesn't
recover gracefully from this anymore, but spits out on the

ng_pppoe[5]: no matching session

for hours, and tries to connect again every two minutes without 
success, until I manually stop and restart the userland ppp daemon
(and then the connection is immediately restored with a new session).
I've tried this for a few days now, and it is always the same: it's
definitely not a problem on the provider's side: As soon as ppp
restarts, it gets a new session without any problems and connects

Since the last working sources were from 2007/09/25, and
ng_pppoe.c was at rev.; and the new revision of
ng_pppoe.c is now at; I'm suspecting that whatever
was changed there could be the cause (because this "no matching
session" is being logged from there).

Since that router is not within easy reach, I'd rather not
take the risk to compile a kernel with the old ng_pppoe.c,
and have that box crash/hosed.


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