scrambled (gmirror) dmesg output

Johan Ström johan at
Sat Dec 1 03:32:25 PST 2007

Im playing with a new box running RELENG_7.0 from yesterday. I got  
two discs with gmirror on ad[6|14]s1a and zfs-mirror on s1d. When o  
do atacontrol detach ata7 (detach ad14), i get this in dmesG:

(first time)
subdisk14: detached
ad14: detached
GEOM_MIRROR: Device gm1b: provider ad14s1bG dEiOsMc_oMnInReRcOtRe:d .De
vice gm1: provider ad14s1a disconnected.

(second time, detaching again after reattach)
subdisk14: detached
ad14: detached
GEOMG_EMOIMR_RMOIRR:R ORD:e viDceev icgem 1bg:m 1p:r opvriodveird era  
d1a4ds114bs 1dai sdciosncnoencnteecdt.ed.

huh? :) Some print raceing or something?

Btw, Im doing ZFS'ed root as on wiki, but i added gmirror to the root  
partition to (and steps to install from one disc to the other, then  
boot over and add the original disc to mirrors)..
I've documented the steps (or at least the commands and some simple  
comments), would anyone be interested in having it, on the wiki or  

Johan Ström
johan at

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