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Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Aug 27 14:04:45 PDT 2007

At 04:56 PM 8/27/2007, Stephen Clark wrote:
>I am trying to get a Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 EVDO modem to 
>work with Freebsd.
>So far I am not having any luck. When it is plugged in it is 
>recognizes as a ugen device it
>needs to look like a serial device, as it is sort of like a hayes modem.

         I wonder if it works like some of the other EVDO / EDGE 
devices I have used. If so, try the info on the page below and modify 
the vendor ID info to match your card

I got it to work for my Kyrocera EVDO as well as GT-MAX EDGE card 
which had a similar "UGEN Com" base.


>It has a vendor id of 0x1410 and a product id of 0x2110. I tried 
>adding these to
>usbdevs and ubsa.c but it is still recognized as ugen0.
>Plugging it into a linux laptop it is recognize as a ttyUSBn device 
>and using ppp we were able to
>get connected to the internet. I would like to be able to use it 
>with Freebsd 6.2 though.
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