console message suppression during boot

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at
Mon Aug 20 20:25:31 PDT 2007

I am trying to create a custom FreeBSD install that suppresses most console
output during the boot.

In fact, the only thing I want to see is my custom menu in the third stage,
the stuff written in Forth.

I added the -q and -m options to /boot.config, and it mostly works, but with
two serious problems:

- it does not suppress the loading output just before and just after the 3rd
stage menu is displayed.

- it suppresses console output even *after* the boot, which I don't want.

For example, when I boot and third stage loader runs, I see this:

[output showing loader code being loaded, a spinner, and some notes about the
available drives]

	My Custom Menu

	1		..........
	2		..........
	and so on

[output show chosen slice and kernel being booted]

I want to suppress the stuff in []'s, but still show the menu.

Also, when I run a shutdown, I don't see any console output, which makes it
hard to tell when the system has halted.

Any help appreciated.

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