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Nicolas Szalay nszalay at qualigaz.com
Mon Aug 6 01:04:24 PDT 2007

Le lundi 06 août 2007 à 09:40 +0200, Gót András a écrit :
> Hi,


> From 6.2 it's part of the main kernel. As I know IPMI works fine on
> X2100M2 machines. On these you've to forget the ipmi console, because once
> bge(4) loads it blocks the bridge that the ipmi uses for remote console.
> There was a patch for an older bge(4) driver, but on the 6.2 i couldn't
> patch the driver. (I looked the source, but the two was too different, and
> since I'm not a C programmer I couldn't manage to port.)

Will I still be able to reboot a frozen machine ? I have only 2 machines
with bge NICs, all others are intel.

> When you load ipmi(4) with kldload there may be a some second pause, but
> don't panic then, that's no freeze. :)

Good to know :)

Thanks for feedback,

Nicolas Szalay

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